LRTinOurYard Information Session - February 2nd, 2017

On Thursday February 2nd, 2017, 40+ Queensway Terrace North residents assembled at the Frank Ryan Park Field House to discuss the future LRT line through the relatively quiet neighborhood of the Pinecrest Creek - Connaught Park corridor.  Residents voiced their concerns regarding the lack of consulation with the city on the route option.  Residents did not have a full understanding of both the short and long term effects of the route on the community.  A broad discussion took place to bring residents up to speed on recent discussions with city officials to address both short and long terms concerns.  Residents were informed that the current LRT route option will be above ground (via a Fly Over Bridge) and at grade as it travels through the park and eventually to a tunnel right before Connaught avenue.  Broad concerns included the future use of the park, and noise and vibration levels attributed by the LRT on nearby homes.  Residents were also concerned on how the LRT will affect traffic levels in the neighborhood due to the proposed Connaught rail station.  A consensus amongst the  residents that attended the meeting agreed that a broader consultation with the city concerning the LRT route is required.  All residents signed the petition to improve the LRT route through the park with hopes that the city will engage on route options rather than improvements to the current route.



LRT Reports

Health and Safety

Your personal health may be at risk due to the increase in noise and vibrations attributed to a rail system next to your home.  Dementia and hypertension (High Blood Pressure) can be attributed to an increase in noise within your surrounding.  Vibrations felt by a passing train can also lead to stress and consequently high blood pressure as well.  The proposed Stage2LRT will bring an additional 60-90 new decibels of sound (Real Facts: Light Rail Noise)in addition to the current noise levels.  There a number of publications related to transportation noise and the impacts on one being's health.  Take the time to understand these impacts as your health may depend on it.

The structure of your home may degrade and become unsafe over time due to the vibrations attributed to the Confederation Line LRT system next to your home. Obviously, this is based on the proximity of your home in relation to the rail system along with the soil quality situated around your home.  The closer your home is to the LRT the greater the impact the vibrations will have on your structure. 

Do you due diligence in understanding these impacts.

Economic Impact

There are many studies that have been published that prove home values decrease next to rail tracks.  Do your due diligence in understanding the impacts the Ottawa LRT will have on your property.

Press Reposts

Our efforts in raising awareness regarding the Stage2LRT Confederation Line has led to the following media coverage.

Print Media

Radio Media

580 CFRA With Bill Carroll.  Interview starts at 9 minutes and 50 seconds.

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